Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why & Why not

Yesterday was for resumption. Today is for practise.
Why blog when thousands are blogging and majority without attention?
Answer is why not !
Just because many are speaking is no reason for silence.
Why people blog ? May be to protest (curse) or pray (sympathy) or solicit (beg/loan) and so on which they keep on doing through out the life. They may go to friends, relatives, bankers, Governemnt for that but not necessarily blog. Nobler reasons are urge to share, to connect, to reach out and spread. That calls for creativity. That calls for for publishers. That is another story. Blog is sipmle way out to satisfy these forms of urge. It can be both dialogue and / or monologue. Both need to ears. First need other ears second your own. The urge is WHY and your own ears is WHY NOT.

Here is for connecting two.

Who you are I do not know.
Who am I is forever search.
Search and knowledge are but a dream
from which I do not want to get up with scream.
Is the wake up world really there ?
The wise are also not too clear.
If the world is lovely true and dear
I want to wake up with tender care
Or let me be in my dream
Dreams are after all life's stream
Let mine sprinkle, sparkle, jostle and flow
Real or illusion, glow is glow


  1. beautiful thoughts.

    I am sure going to be tuned to your blog!

  2. I have heared some where if you will try to do some thing then it may be wrong or you will get failed it's a chance failure but if You will not try even then you are choosing 100% failure so I am happy that you are from a list who likes to take chance failure , who never puts his weapons down some time one more second of positive efforts can give you a victory and I am sure that whoever will read ur blog would say "Why Not Lets Do it " and you did it little different way and it's the main this , I will even say why not.........
    Jignesh Thakkar