Friday, July 23, 2010


It is not enough to declare the state as secular in constitution alone. It must be shown as such. There arises the need to showcase image. The image is of course different than reality. The image is created and the reality is naturally born. Therefore what is shown need not be same as what is seen. Invariably there is gap between two. Yet that does not stop people from creating images and showcase them in make believe attempt.

Look at the council of ministers at the state or center. There must be at least one member belonging to minority amongst vast majority to show case this very secular image. Same is the case of appointment of state Governors to practically any state. A minority person must occupy chair after every 3 to 4 turns. The inclusion is more for token than merit.

Today purpose is to take a close look at blast trials. The Malegaon blast case is like one token case of minority amongst vast majority like council of Ministers. Only in minority is reversed from what it is at the council of Ministers. The kind of hype created by the media, the police have contributed their share in showcasing the secular spirit. The Malegaon blast trial gets almost as much coverage as all rest of the trials put together. It has become absolutely essential for the state to equate few accused belonging to majority at par with all accused belonging to minority. Some times the death of six outnumbers death of hundreds.

What a secular state and what a showcase. Keep believing that what is shown is really what is seen.

Arvind Khare

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