Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday’s blog turned out to be little longer and had to be cut short due to lack of time. Here is something I missed yesterday.

I have already told mentioned about the plight of cured patients who are not accepted back home. It would be quite natural for them as being deprived of freedom. Thankfully that freedom was restored to three patients as reported. Here is another angle.

I met one patient in the corridors. He wished me good morning in very civil way. When I wished back, he suddenly bent to touch my feet and calling me uncle as if asking for blessings. Blessings don’t cost any thing. So I could be liberal to give promptly. He started telling his story. He hailed from Hydrabad. According to him his brothers and other family members had deprived him of his property rights by accusing him mad. The property was also described as a piece of farm land. I asked him to write down on a piece of paper his name, names of the family members and the description of the land when a member of staff separated us telling me not to believe him. I did not know whom to believe. I went back to program little disturbed. I contacted superintendent to whom I was introduced earlier and told him about the patient and staff. I asked him how it can be ensured that the patient is not the victim. What I was told by him is interesting. The hospital has a legal cell and a lady legal adviser. There are number of accusations reported by patients which are neither believed nor disbelieved. An enquiry is conducted and if any substance is found the matter is taken to the court from redress. A share can not be denied for being mad. A guardian is to be appointed by court.

A day before I was watching another interesting program on TV on destitute Children where again a detailed legal mechanism to safe guard right of Minor orphan child was explained.

The mad and the orphan both have same rights as other citizens of India. When they are not capable of protecting them themselves, the government is stepping in. Now let us not jump to criticize corruption, delay and so many other short comings. The very fact that the Government thinks to protect the right of those who can not do it themselves ensures us that Union of India is welfare state as is declared. The freedom is very foundation of welfare. Freedom is a word easy to shout under national flag and in safe cordon of security but difficult to mean. The fight freedom does not get over after achieving Independence from foreign rule.

Ranavin swatantrya kona milale ? ( who gained freedom without fight )

Arvind Khare

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