Friday, September 17, 2010


Sandra Samuel was born as an Indian and is now conferred with Israel citizenship. It is not ear whether she surrendered Indian Citizenship. If not it is a case of dual citizenship. Many Indian would love to have such dual citizenship. USA would of course top the list of most desirable country for dual citizenship. I Israel would not be far behind. Normally such wish would be impossible to gain and scorned by any patriotic person. Exception is Sandra Samuel.

We all are aware of her courage and presence of mind. We are also aware of the exemplary deed she performed. Perhaps she might have got life full of honoring and felicitations from Lions and Rotaries and their cousin clubs. However the call of the crying child was perhaps greater than national pride.It is not case of only Moshe and Sandra but it is a bond between a child and his Aya or Dai. The concept of Aya is rather difficult to explain. It is a very complex relationship. It is a role of servant, care taker, foster mother all rolled into one. One does not know how little Moshe would have faced her staying back in India. She happened to be only person known to him in whole world. It is a bond going much beyond the boundaries of nations. It is a case of humanity being greater than nationality. Such people deserve to be conferred the world citizenship. No country ought to be foreign to such person because humanity can not be foreign to any nation. It is a notion not align to Indian Philosophy.

We are proud of you Sandra. It is person and deed like her that go to prove the quotes of JnaeshwarViswachi maze Ghar “ or Subhashit like “Vasudhaive Kutumbakam”.

Arvind Khare

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