Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mazya Aaicha Warsa. ( Legacy of My Mother )

Mangla Manohar Khare. My mother. Died on 5th June 2013.

Manohar and Khare were common between us. Manohar is already gone. Khare will sure last longer than Either Manohar or Mangala or Arvind. How long ? Do the family names  become instinct at any time ? My father had had three sons but only one grandson and two great grandsons. Better assured legacy for my father. I had only one son who rushed to die. My younger brother did not have any son. Do we become dead end branches ? Fit for chopping off as dead wood ?

I hope not because we have one daughter each. Some lone daughters have already started adding both family names. ( Note just the maiden family name and not that of father ) After all family names are adopted. Fashion of adoption can change.

The point I want to make is what happens to legacy of mother ? Only to be called out during Shradhha along with Mother in law, grand Mother in law and Great grand Mother in law ? No utterance of the name of her mother or grand mother or great grand mother with whom she has direct bialogical link.
Not right. If at all one has to remember fore fathers one must remember fore mothers also. So I thought it fit to write about my legacy from mother's side. It is my personal way of remembering her.
My mother was only girl child of my grand mother ( Dont know her name and have not seen her ) wife of Narayan Vasudev  Gondhalekar who was only child ( Girl or boy ) of my great grand mother Sundarabai Karmarkar whose memories I carry and mentioned here in earlier blog.

On 14th of June ( 10th day of death date ) my elder brother will perform rituals where names of my grand Mother Laxmi Laxman Khare will be uttered along with her Mother in law Satyabhma Ramchandra Khare and grand mother in law Ganga Bhikaji Khare ( All well  recorded ). My maternal grand mother had three sons as well. Her legacy is better carried. My great grand mother was as unfortunate as I am.

Oh my fore mothers ! Decidedly I am as much part of you as that of  my fore fathers.

Mothers never die. They are real and unquestionable carrier of legacy and yet ignored so much.
Pity on this system.

I intend to write more about my mother again and will make it my business to know name of my grand mother.

Arvind Khare

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