Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Now Pope had advocated large families for Catholics. View large family as the gift from GOD. In the same breath he said the Catholics have no need to breed like rabbits !

One can substitute the word Pope with the word Swami and the word Catholic with the word Hindu and   almost the same message is carried.

Rabbits dont breed on order of some religious head. It is natural  biological process without thought to the size of litter. Human are different. As a rule only one child is born. Twins, triplets etc are exceptions. Add to that birth control techniques and the chances of large family further diminish. The greed for creating and keeping large wealth within family drives the rich and ruler to go for small family while the poor and ruled gp for large family. That is induced by economical thought.

The religion had always been against birth control as against the wish of GOD. The GOD almost  invariably speaks through the mouth of religious priest or Pujari or Maulavi etc.

Every religion invariably dreams and wants to bring every other living individual to its fold , secularism not withstanding. No exceptions are seen in the history of civilization.

It can be achieved by two means one is to covert and the other is to produce. The mass conversion methods like  throwing bread in village drinking well or Ghar wapsi are not popular now a days. Cruel methods  of crusades are no more practical and profitable. So the poor option of producing is vocally advocated bringing a Pope and a Swami on the same plain.

The rulers have their own methods of thinking of acquiring and keeping power. At times the thoughts are propogated as for economical or social or religious good of the subject they are ruling. More so for democratic rulers.

So time for Happy breeding . More the merrier.

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