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ये त्व्क्षरंनिर्देष्यंव्यक्तं पर्युपासते |
सर्वत्रगमचिन्त्यम्  कूतस्थंचलम् ध्रुवम् ||12:3||

Word to word translation 
ये  ( those ) तु ( but ) अक्षरम् ( imperishable ) अनिर्देश्यम् (undefinable )
अव्यक्तम्  ( unmanifetsed ) पर्युपासते  ( worship ) सर्वत्रगम्  ( omnipresent ) 
अचिन्त्यम् ( beyond thought ) च (also ) कूटस्थम्  ( deep rooted ) 
]अचलम्  ( immobile) ध्रुवम् ( constant )

संनियम्येन्द्रियग्रामं   सर्वत्र  |
ते प्राप्नुवन्ति मामेव सर्वभूतहिते रताः ||12:4||

Word to word translation 
संनियम्य ( controlled ) इन्द्रियग्राम्  ( assembly of body organs )
सर्वत्र ( every where )  समबुध्हयः ( equal thinking ) ते ( they )
प्राप्नुवन्ति ( cone to ) माम् एव  ( me only )
सर्वभूतहिते रताः ( compassionately engaged with welfare of every being )

क्लेषोःधिकतर्स्तेषांमव्यकतासक्तचेतसाम् |
अव्यक्त हि गतिर्दुखः देहवद्भिरवाप्यते ||12:5 ||

Word to word translation 
क्लेषः ( hard  ) अधिकतरः ( more ) तेषाम् ( for them ) 
अव्यक्तः  ( unexpressed ) असक्तचेतसाम् ( unattached minded ) |
अव्यक्त (unexpressed ) हि (only ) गति: ( route ) दुखः  ( pain ) 
देहवद्भििः  ( the body conscious ) अवाप्यते  ( beyond reach  )

Commentary :"

For sake of continuity these three stanzas are better addressed together. Very first stanza Arjuna has identified two type of Yogi , one who are devoted to the Lord as manifested and others who meditate on the formless absolute . The :Lord in second stanza has not made any choice but explained three qualifications to be the best seeker like ushering into him the mind, extreme faith, constant worship. These qualities can be applied to both.

Next three stanzas are like caution to those who choose the meditative option of formless.
3) Two words used in the first stanzas " अक्षरम " and " अव्यक्तम " is expanded in greater detail . Few more words are added further like "  अनिर्देश्यमं " one which can not be pointed out , " सर्वत्रगंम " present everywhere , " अचिन्यम " inconceivable , " कूटस्थं " like a mold for casting , "अचलम " immovable, " ध्रुवम " constant . This is typical denial style called as " व्यतिरेक " using denial like not this, not this. The seeker is expected to fathom the fact something remains after each and every denial.

4) After having identified what is to be meditated upon, the Lord is listing pre-qualification to set on this path. i) Getting all body organs under control,  ii) equanimity of intellect every where and iii) engaged in the welfare of every creature. The result is declared that such seeker will attain me only.
The practical part for control over organs can take lots of rules and regulations can be derived from this like practice of fasting, celibacy , denial of sentient pleasures and so on. Also needed in purification of inside which comes from holding same dispassionate and detached view for all people and occasions . Not to be excited by gain nor to be depressed by the loss . In spite  such of dispassion and detachment the seeker is expected to be actively engaged in the welfare of the world around him and not run away from the world and duties .

5.  The lord acknowledges manifold hardships and pain as compared to other who worship on the manifested form. This happens because the body identification is very difficult to do away with. Difficult of not impossible to meditate using the body organs and yest deny them as unreal.

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