Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is sin to forget the significance of yesterday. Still I forgot it in later half of the day till next generation came around to remind ever so gently. 6th April is ( I cannot bring myself to say “was” ) birth day of SALIL. He would have completed 37 years. That was not to be so. I have to say it since he would have turned 26th and keep saying for last 12 year. Suruchi, Amit, Rohan make up for his absence every year. His friend and witness to his death Suru telephones every year. Just call. No mention of him. I wish people were not so subtle. So subtle that for once I missed the purpose of call. People say we are courageous and all that. But the real strength comes from the generation next and next. I do not understand why old generation keeps on blaming future generation.

He was our son. Naturally like an angle to us. An angle who had to finish some of his “ Prarabdha”. Why should otherwise some body so beautiful, so sensitive, so caring so dear who has not harmed any one even in thought should die such premature death ? I used to plan retirement at 50 years of age relying on him. Destiny willed otherwise. I thought I will die in debt. Destiny is probably thinking otherwise. Still I cannot make myself stop planning. Nothing is creditable here only a habit. Or the dogged refusal to let hope die.

Admittedly the grief will die only with our death. Durga Khote has said same about her son in her biography. No grief is monopoly. Some body has lived thorough it earlier and some body will live through it in future. That does not make our grief any lesser though. Now we have accepted as God’s will. Time may heal the wound but scars are left as long as you last. Only solace is in our grandson Rohan. He is almost like his carbon copy. I often call him SALIL inadvertently. It is amazing how one innocence can help us overcome loss of another innocence.


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