Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I became attached to net only recently. I was not sure even a single person would read my blog. Things were not so bad to my surprise. Judging by the response by way of comments and / or personal calls it’s not crying in wilderness. This is not for self glorification but an experience which can be contributed to net communication.

One of the respondent to my blog coming from Bangalore happened to visit Mumbai on 13th and 14th of this month. Incidentally he is an Architect like me. That was one more common binding factor. His family comes from a town is some 50 Km from Thane. Apparently He had lost touch with the town from which his surname is derived. I was happy to not only to take him to his town but was also able to locate some traces of his family still residing there. The town has a local Lions Club which was under me when I was district Governor. The charter President of the club proved to be useful to meet the long separated family members. It seems that his Grand father of friend was quite popular in the town and still remembered with fondness. It was quite amusing to hear names rolling out in conversation as if they have been always in touch. Nostalgia trip of course continued with the tour of the house battered but still standing.

I hope such occasions are plenty and surely making the world seem smaller and smaller. How simple and small courses bring cheers to otherwise mundane life. Thank you Net.

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