Saturday, March 19, 2011


On 18th March 2011, yet another award came my way. Thanks to Subhash who recommended my name. At least I thought so till a call came from the organization. VYAS CREATIONS. The lady told me that they have decided to accept my application for Jyeshtha Ratna award. She also informed me when and where it will be presented. Upon my insistence that the least I deserve as awardee is a line confirming conferring of award. I did get something in writing. It was an invitation to attend without specifying if as an awardee or part of audience.

I did go. Who does not like to be awarded? I knew the people behind organization, their work etc. They did not ask me to buy award at least. Usually some organizations from New Dehli do announce my selection as out standing person around independence and republic day. Politely tell me to pay some amount which is of course much more than the cost of the award. It was three tire honoring and I came in the last and least important category. Thankfully the other awarded were also equally nondescript. The number was restricted to respectfully small. Every body was above sixty. The award confirmed at least one thing that now I am a senior citizen.

I though we Lions are the only people taking fancy to present awards for the smallest of reason. I am happy to know that we are not alone.

Pardon me if I am sounding too sarcastic. In a way I am laughing at myself to fall pray to the urge for glorification. Anyway thanks to the organization and as some body said in response that let me now earn it !

Arvind Khare

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