Friday, February 18, 2011


Of the late we are loosing our sleep due to dog barking, nothing new about it. Many people try to stop them by shouting, bit them with stick, throw stones.None of the method is effective. They stop barking may be for a moment. And patiently look at people wondering why human want to deny them pleasure of barking. The moments human retire to bed, they resume happily what they were enjoying earlier. Barking has many finer tunes to a trained ear. Some dogs bark as if they are in grief, some as if they are angry, some as a ritual , some ferociously as if their life is at stake. They are happy to bark individually or in chorus. At times they divide themselves and take turns for barking. A brief rest recovers their throat to begin barking all over again. Longer the period of barking better pleasure. .

That dogs have very strong territorial sense is well known fact.That is why dogs are called as “ Galike Kutte “ ( Dogs of the lane) , because they live in a particular lane for their life time. They seldom cross the lane. Dogs of the same lane have kind of fraternity amongst them. Usually they don’t fight each other but collectively fight outside dogs if they venture inside lane.

In our case unfortunately the border of two dog territories happens to be the gate of our neighbour. It’s like Wagha Border between India and Pakistan. No dog is allowed to cross the gate. Inside dogs wont permit outsider dogs. They are more vigilant in watching this check post than probably two armies posted at Wagha border. That does not stop outside dogs from trying to sneak into. They are promptly scented from a distance unknown to human nose. An attack is sensed and must be stopped immediately and barking begins. The dogs on both sides cover lot of ground to come to the battle field. That is gate of our neighbour. Some times a pair of outside dog will only touch the gate by his nose. They wont wag tails or utter a single bark. That is no reason to ignore provocation. Retaliation need not be so silent. Inside dogs run towards the gate barking all the way. When they reach the gate it becomes amazing Orchestra. That we do not care to listen to any Orchestra much less a Dog orchestra in the middle of night is another matter. The performers after all don’t perform for the audience. They are intensely engrossed in the performance and quite blissful about it.

Now we know the game.When the music starts we reach to the outside gate and try to drive away sniffing dogs That is much easier than cursing inside job. Its amazing at times it works ! So remember to find out who is protecting the border and who is intruder next time you witness Dog Orchestra in full swing at your gate. Only a discerned human can find it out. Hope you are on of them and have a Good Night.

Arvind Khare

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