Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It is more than year that I wrote first blog. It is few months since I wrote last blog. I wanted to write. Relatives and friends were asking to write. Somehow nothing was materializing. I am aware that my blogs had little to offer to others and more of a monologue with self. Why did I stopped talking to me ? May be I was going through mental and physical fatigue. It is not as if I have suddenly become fit. I feel that waiting to become fit itself is creating another mental block. Probably the effort is more important than success. I remember after the attack of sciatica it was painful for me to even stand on left leg let alone walk. Walking with limp was also great effort. For a fortnight I could not take even steps which could be counted in double figure. One day I decided to walk. May be only two steps at a time. The interval between the rests gradually increased. The distance cover started elongating. Now I am not as crisp in walking as I would like. My legs still become heavy towards evening. I still need to rest my back every few hours. That is not important. What is important is that I have now resumed my work almost fully. What is true about walking is perhaps equally true about talking to either self or with people. The words must flow. Flow like a trickle to start with. May be it will lead to gushing flow sooner or later. Silence is not the best way to start dialogue. That is what exactly the purpose of writing this blog. Not to tell anything but to judge if I have ability to tell still left in me. I hope to. How regularly only time can tell. Wish me please.

Arvind Khare

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