Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We were told a child hood story of a monkey and carpenters.
The carpenters had quit after the days work and left a wooden log half sawed and half split with a wedge to keep them separate.
The monkey was going through its monkey business and pulled out of the wedge.
The tail got caught into log and severed.
The monkey began to behave like human without tail.
The tail did not die after being cut off.
It got new lease of life and started wagging like a snake.
Unable to bear separation it found its way to the stomach of the Monkey cum man.
It lied and rested their and began to be known as KUNDALNI.
The monkey man started contemplating as to how he has come to present stage.
It realised that two half sawed and half split of logs was his VASANA and pulling of the wedge was his PRABRABDHA.
To awaken KUNDALINI was his only chance to LIBERATION.
Now the monkey man stopped being ordinary human and was revered as SUPERHUMAN.
Eventually the death caught with him.
Guess if the severed tail died with him or continued for another birth as attachment between legs like monkey again. Your guess is as good as mine. Care to exchange guesses?

Arvind Khare

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