Wednesday, November 23, 2011


To day is Thirteenth day ( Trayodashi ) of second half of month Kartik. Seven hundred and thirteen years back Sant Jnaneshwar entered into Samadhi on this day. A picturesque description like running commentry has immortalised every small detail of the moment by his contemporary Sant Namdev. Marathi language will be forever gratefull to both. A span of less than thirty years was good enough for the mission of his ( Jnaneshwar ) life. He chose to enter alive in the Samadhi place at ALANDI in the vicinity of the temple of Lord Shiva. The last stone of the wall confining him to the samadhi was laid by none other than his elder brother and Guru Sant Nivruttinath.

Some staunch devotees believe he is still alive there. Let us not worry about the belief. Is it not good enough to say that he has more influennce on VARKARI sampradaya of Maharashtra than any other person living today? In my humble way I would like to pay resepect by quoting and commenting on one of his OVI from Jnaneshwari.

It is on the commentry of following Sholka of Geeta :

Ishwarah sarvabhutanam hridaye-Arjun tishtati
Bhramanayan sarvabbutani yantrarudhani bhavya ll 18:61 ll Geeta

God resides in the heart of every being Oh Arjun. All are spinning around as if run by Mood Machine. )

Kimbahuna Dhanurdhara l Bhootante swarga sansara II maji bhovandi trune wara I Aakashi jiaisa II 18:1310 II Jnaneshwari
Rather Oh Archer, the creatures spin from earth to heaven ( and back ) like ( loosened) blades of grass fodder bundle would fly skywards with breeze.

Note : Similar example of loose grass blades is used by Sant Nivruttinath to describe his mental state in composition describing sudden disappearance of sister Mukta.

Arvind Khare

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