Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Gandharva is invariably cursed. It is believed that ordinary human can become GOD by penance and achieving super powers thereby. A well advanced one becomes Gandharva if and when tempted by lust or greed and falls from the virtuous path. Super powers do not necessarily be magical like vanishing or entering some body else’s body. The equivalent word to GOD in Sanskrit is DEVA. The noun is derived from adverb “ Div “ which means “to shine”. The GODs are e seldom dark and ugly. That image is for demons. They are conceived as handsome with sparkling glow. The Gandharvas too are conceived as handsome and sparkling but do not posses all qualities of GOD. English language has only one word ANGEL to sum up what are called as Ganhdarva, Yaksha & Kinnara in Indian mythology. They are supposed to have their own LOKA or state of existence supposed to in between the earth and Heaven. Their main role is to please the GODS with there art skills like Music , dance and drama joined by feminine counterparts in Apsaras and Paris. ( Again only one word fairy in English both ). In Maharshtra we consider Gandharva as epitome of music while Karnataka it is Yaksha gana. Kinnara are Aphrodites like Shakhandi or Brihannala.
The Word BHOGA has different shades to the meaning. In north India it refers to the offerings made to the GOD like CHHAPAN BHOG, while in Maharshtra it is referred to as the inevitable sufferings. Being Marathi myself I have used the word to mean suffering. This background must be known to fully understand what is meant by the curse of Gandharva or GANDHRVA BHOG.
In my childhood I was called as Kinchit Gandharva ( Minuscule Angel ) by my elder cousin sister because I would sing all the time. Never took to anything seriously. I am conceived as well read well cultured mature person with loving disposition. I could speak and fool people that I am well read person. Read I do but casually only. I could write but never bothered to concentrate more than 10 minutes. I could sing but never learnt it seriously. I went to Architectural school more by whim than plan. I did social work but more as show than real urge. I loved people around me as my bards. Every talent remained at nascent level due to casual approach. Now when I am at the fag end of life I realize it as Ghandharva Bhog.

Arvind Khare

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