Tuesday, December 20, 2011


To day ( 20-12-2011) Babasaheb passed away rather peacefully compared to the suffering he had to put up with for last few years. It was almost a rebirth for him 18 years back. Never fully recovered. The pain kept him away from cheer forever.
He was the one who broke the news of our love affair and convinced my in laws for marriage. He was elder brother not only in Hajarnis family but also amongst four of us Sadus. He behaved like elder one. He was perfect son-in -law and neighbour for my fattier and mother-in-law. It continued for so long that it became rather difficult to see him relegated to secondary position. But that how it slowly became. He lost confidence so much that was unable to leave independently. No more head of the family. It was disturbing for us to watch.
He was lucky to leave with wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and a grand son. It’s a luxury in this age of nucleus family. Most of people of our generation are leaving miserable life of loneliness and exclusion. Couples are worried about single future ahead. With children in India or abroad ( more in abroad ). It must be said in fairness that sons did not neglect him even if they fought with each other. It must be mentioned that the most positive support came from his real brothers. Great family held together in close bond. This quality is fast becoming rare.
The death has been obviously striking me in my 64 year life. Some times coming out of turn. But today I cant help but feel that it has now come to our generation.

Arvind Khare

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