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माया तेचि ब्रह्म , ब्रह्म तेचि माया l अंग आणि छाया जयापरी ll १ ll
तोडिता ना सुटे , सारिता निराळी l  लोटांगण तळी हारपती ll २ ll
दुजे नाही तिथे बळ कोणासाठी l  आणिक  ते आटी विचाराची ll ३ ll
तुका म्हणे उंच वाढे उंचपणे l  ठेंगणी लवणे जैसी तैसी ll ४ ll

Maya ani brahm, brahm ani maya, ang ani chhaya jayapari ll 1 ll
Todita na tute sarita nirali , lotangan tali harpati ll 2 ll
Duje nahi tithe bal konasathi, anik te ati vicharachi ll 3 ll
Tuka mhane unch vadhe unchpane, thengani lavane jaisi taisi ll 4 ll

Translation :
Maya is Brahm, Brahm is Maya like body and shadow .... 1
The shadow disappears when body prostrates but cant be separated or done away with .... 2
What is the use of strength when non other is present ? Undue efforts pondering over it ..... 3
Tuka says ( the thoughts) tall may grow taller but the bowed remains short as ever ...... 4

Commentary :

It is necessary to understand the concepts of Maya and Brahm before attempt to deal with composition. Vedanta makes more identification than distinction between the individual and the universe . What is found in the universe is also found in the individual and vice-versa. The degree varies but elements remain the same. It proclaims both as illusion caused under influence of Maya. The Maya is a concept postulated by Vedanta to explain apparent reality of the individual and the universe and the God or Ishwar . ( Jeev, Jagat and Ishwar ) The Brahm is considered as the one and only supreme reality where all distinctions disappear. The Maya can function only till the individual distinguishes itself from the the Universe and its master or Ishwar. Sant Tukaram has elaborated this co-existence of Maya and Brahm with an example.

Line 1
Maya is same as Brahm and non separable like body and its shadow. The shadow moves as body moves but its existence is because of body only. In same way Maya is inseparable and dependent on Brahm.

Line 2
Both cant be broken free or set aside. Even when the body in its prostration position is horizontal and totally touching ground, shadow is not lost although disappeared.

Line 3
No amount of force can separate them because they are not two. However hard one may think. it is not a matter of knowledge but experience.

Line 4
Sant Tukaram here warns about the limitation of high intellect and declares that modesty has better chance.

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