Sunday, June 19, 2016


Father's day is new imported concept for out generation but like other imported gadgets like computer, cell phone etc. has become part of our present life. Neither can master fully not can live without.  I do get some wishes on this day. Some like Minister's smile not aimed at any body in particular and some oriented for me.

My own daughter thinks it is frivolous mechanical routine and redundant exercise. Never bothers to wish me nor her mother in such INTERNATIONAL dedicated days. It was at least not a custom when my own son was alive. Perhaps she is right. Our culture does not dedicate a day for father but for full life time. " मातृदेवो भव , पितृदेवो भव , आचार्यदेवो भव "  used to be convocation message for homeward students after graduation from गुरुकुल universities. Strikingly different than touching feet on a particular day. I know many people who seek blessing of father by touching his feet  before setting on the day's job. Never forgot to do that on all auspicious  religious occasions. Our generation did not neglect parents. Leaving them to old age home was never done and definitely not without a sense of guilt. But now so much used to it now that not getting father's day wishes feels like living in isolation .
Funny that I never looked upon this day as a son. Always thought of it as a father. Expected next generation to do all प्रणाम and so on.. May be as unwitting admission of getting old. Never thought of doing any thing myself as a Son. Intend to correct it by remembering my father today.

MANOHAR JAGANNATH KHARE was the name of my father. He was youngest of his siblings. ( those who lived long enough to be counted ! ) Unfortunate to be brought up by uncle due to untimely death of our grand father. Sufficiently brilliant in education to complete graduation. Bachelor of Agriculture from Nagpur university where my grand father was a professor in Study of insects . He had good physique , tall and an active sportsman. He was very popular among his brothers, sisters, cousins. My marriage picture shows a group of them in dozens.

He started as Government employee but soon quit and joined a private  company ICI overcoming comfort of  a safe Government job with assured pension for life time.   The word multinational was not coined then.but it was British Company  doing business in many countries including India. Got handsome salary compared to Government job. The job brought him to Mumbai. Got into rental  accommodation  first in Kalyan for a while before settling in Thane. Bought a piece of land and constructed the bungalow where we are residing.  I remember he was the  one of the few earning four figure salary in Thane. A job with British company accentuated his already good English into fine English.

He was a family man in larger sense. Not only he took care of his own children but supported many relatives more than just a financial help. Our home had provided for greater part some shelter to some one for educational or job purpose.

He had a personality well suited for stage and took active interest in the Theatre and had acted in some competative experimental stage plays. Some of his colleague  actors took it further and have become well known stage artists. He was socially responsive. Was a president of Lions club a legacy I have taken further.
Had mild interest in politics and I remember many of earlier generation politicians making visit to out Home.
He had a stint with spirituality too. We used to have a study group foe children and adults when Chinmaya Mission was just taking its first few steps.

Sad that he gradually withdrew into shell few years before his death. Wish we could have retained his social character till the end.

I wish to say here what I could not say in his life time. BABA YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT OF MY LIFE.
Arvind Khare
19th June 2016.

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