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SWARBODH PARIVAR group was started sometime back on FACEBOOK.  Indian Clasical music is enriched by many contributions from centuries.  It would be educating and enriching experience to remember some of them.  Our endeavor will be to make few mentions of contributions by way of short Article/s. Some search is required for such type of Article and the thanks are due to the sources who made the information freely available. The oldest contribution at very early stage and which is well documented perhaps come from AMIR KHUSROU. So our inaugural Article starts with him.


Born as ABDUL HASAN YAMIN AL-DIN KUSROU in 1253 AD at Patilai village in Eta district of Uttar Pradesh he lived  for 72 years and died in Delhi in 1352 AD. He was a multiple facet personality becoming Iconic to Indian Culture. He  was a poet, a philosopher, a historian, a musician all at a time. 

As Historian he was attached to the courts of seven Sultans in succession in his life time and kept record of their courts chronicles , family and fights. Has also accompanied them during their wars. The Alladin Khilaji whose obsession with Maharani Padmini has become subject of folk lore was one of those seven Sultans. He has Poetic history written in Persian like " Khansa-E-Nizami " 

As a philosopher he was spiritual disciple of NIZZAMUDIN AULIA of Delhi. Nizammudin Aulia belonged to SUFIANA lineage broght to India by Khwaja Mahmuddin Chisti in 100 ad. Influenced by him Amir Khusrou had some Sufi style poetry to his credit.

As poet he has composed in both Farsi and Hindavi ( Persian and Hindi ). He has handled various forms like Keh- Mukrani , Paheli, Doha and so on. Here are some of his sample composition.
एक गुनीने यह गुन कीना , हरियल पिन्जरेमे दे दीना II
देखो जादुगरका  कमाल , डाला हरा निकला लाल II   ( तोता }
खुसरो दर्या प्रेमका उलटि वाकी धार
जो उतरा सो डूब गया जो डूबा वो पार
ऊँची अटरि पलंग बिछावो
मै सोयी मेरे सीरपर आयो
खुल गई अँखियाआनंद भयो
कौन  सखी  साजन ? नहीं  चाँद

As musician he is considered as father of  SUFI Quawali.  A tradition of love leading to devotion which is very popular till date. Some people give him credit as originator of Tarana form of India Classical music, as influence of Persian music.( Some people believe Tarana Bols like Tan, Nan, Tum, Dir, Na etc come from Hindu Hymns.) He is inventor of Tabla created by bifurcating traditional Pakhwaj.
Many of his compositions are hits even today. Ine sample is given here. This form of song is called as CHAITI. or songs sung in the first month of Hindu Callender : Chaitra describing the climate and nature of the time.

सकल बन फूल रही है सरसों l

अंबुवा फुले टेसू फूटे , कोयल बोले डार डार l
और गोरी करत सिंगार , मालनिया गढ़वा ले आई करसो ll

तरह तरह के फूल खिलाये , ले गढ़वा हाथमे लाये l
निज़ाम्मुदिनके दरवज्जेपर, आवन कह गये आशिक रंग l
और बीत गये है बरसों ll

This composition is all ready set to tune by me and hope to record and post here soon.

Arvind Khare

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