Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A very curious dual is being witnessed. Amitabh Bachhan is going places and talking a lot while other side is not going much anywhere and allowing others to speak for them. It was first noticed when Mahanayak presented himself for inauguration of additional lanes of Sea Link in Mumbai. It was thought that two parties to coalition State Government are trying to outsmart and/or embarrass each other. Shortly he presented himself to Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan sending the Chief Minister of the state into back tracking and hiding. Next he presented himself at Symboisis in Pune along with Mr.Amarsing who is in exile since leaving Samajwadi Party. So many public appearances in such short time are bound to set the tongues wagging. The congressmen are naturally loyal than the king. Every big and sundry is not letting go of the opportunity to express loyalty to the regal family. Be it ministers Central, state or chief or congress presidents from sate unit to block unit. Why a party of over hundred years of existence and head of the coalition Government at Dehli so scared of one single person ? Probably it is worried that a name is found that can match name of GANDHI at national scene. Probably it is worried that another pedestal is being erected which may eventually match the pedestal on which GANDHIs are put on so rest of congressmen can go about their business which is more often dubious than fair.
Let us not worry about Congress party and its cadre. The nation has to come to realize its limitations. The nation has also come to realize the limitations of other parties of national level or regional level or personal level either in ruling, supporting or opposing the Government. So let us not worry about them either. They are not going to change for better anything else than few personal assets of the leaders.
A hope can come from only a fresh party which has a leader capable of cutting across regional and linguistic lines. One who can address the nation above the heads of satraps and corporals as Madame Indira Gandhi could do for limited time in seventies or as NTR could do in south before her. Mr. Bachhan can fill the role to the hilt and sure the nation is going to lap him up hungrily. Mr. Bachhan has achieved every thing that is to be achieved in his chosen field. Now he has no more need for the name or fame or money for himself. He has got the back ground and bearing for the one final grand role which is beyond celluloid and real. Who knows ? May be he will deliver if takes upon himself to write the script. He has sufficient literary background for that. What else is needed for success of a role than a good script, good acting, good team, good publicity and good delivery ? AMITABH BACHHAN AAGE BADHO HUM TUMHARE SAATH HAI.

Arvind Khare

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