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Maharshtra celebrates birth days of Shivaji Maharaj on three different days. The reason is difference of opinions between historians. Sant Tikaram is contemporary of Shivaji Maharaj. When the king is shrouded in doubt what would be case of others ? The saints never bothered about leaving behind any thing as clue. The life was usually full of renunciation. Their compositions some times give clues of their lives. Some contemporary saints make few notes here and there in their compositions. Sant Tukaram is no exception. His biography also has to rely on such indirect references. They say great persons do not take birth by accident. Ramayana & Mahabharata tell us about 7 to 8 generations before the generation of Hero descends on the scene. In the family tree accepted is that of MOREs in which Sant Tukaram was born show eight generations prior to him as devotees of Lord Pandurang undertaking regular pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Sant Tukaram was born in More family of DEHU to couple named Bolhoba & Kankai. in 1608.He had four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. The family was engaged in ancestral grocery business Probably he had well to do home, childhood. He was married twice. The death of his first wife, death of his elder son in very unkind famine, bankruptcy in business happening in quick succession proved to be turning point.

A family person Tukaram slowly turned his back to routine family matters. More time was spent in meditation the plain top of BHANDARA mountain. His compositions started around this time in his life. Many his early compositions depict pathetic conditions in which found himself. The only strength to be derived was from the unflinching devotion towards Panduranga of Pandharpur. Other section of his compositions is declaration of faith and invoking of the grace of Lord Pandurang After facing his share of rejection, provocation and torture by the society, he slowly started gaining acceptance. The section of his compositions imparting ethical advice must have come from this part of his life.

Last and most significant section of his composition is proclaiming true Vedic values. Sant Tukaram claims himself to be disciple of Sant Babaji. The grace is admittedly given in an instant almost like a dream. He is not known to has studied the scriptures from anyone. Yet his compositions encompass complicated principles of philosophy with great simplicity. The examples cited by his attract even modern day poets. No other Marathi saint is quoted as much as Tukaram.

Like any other Saints Sant Tukaram is accredited with numerous miracles. The most popular being his going alive to haven One need not worry about authenticity of these miracles. Sant Tukaram does not need such braces to prove his greatness.

Arvind Khare

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