Wednesday, December 31, 2014

मी माझे मोहित

मी माझे मोहित  राहिले निवांत , एक रूप तत्व  देखिले गे माये ll १ ll 
द्वैताच्या भाषा हारपल्या , शेवटी विश्वरूपे मिठी देत हरि ll २ ll 
छाया माया काया  हरिरूपी ठाया , शेवटी विलया एक तेजी ll ३ ll 
ज्ञानदेवा पाहा  सोहं सोहं भावा , हरिरूपी दुहावा सर्व काळ ll ४ ll 

1 Oh Mom, I am left quiet and spell bound by watching my image as one and only principle. 

2 Expressions of dual reality are vanished. HARI has unified my image with that of the universe.

3 The delusion of my Body with its shadow is merged with the image of HARI as the light would merge with light.

4 Janadev suggests HARI is like a cow from whom the sense of  " I am That " should be milked incessantly.

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