Saturday, December 6, 2014


Recent news : A fellow on whatsApp penned his own homage, posted it to friends and committed suicide. Very much like taking selfie picture to share.  Strange desire to communicate suicide wish. Usually those who threaten to commit suicide rarely do so. It is more for calling attention and sympathy.  We have law punishing those who attempt to commit suicide. Being true to word for suicide wish is rare of the rarest. The fellow perhaps deserved to be hanged had he failed in attempt and lived to face the trial. We have seen a another fellow  persuaded for hours not to jump in suicide bid. Promptly charged with suicidal crime book. What an irony where the success  grants escape and failure goes to grip of trial.

I am amused by selfie nature of homage. Those who are not sure of if and how their pictures will betaken shared with public resort to selfie type pictures and do publishing of such pictures themselves. Some times high profile leaders like Narendra Modi too fall for such temptation for no reason.  Born natural instinct of making own memories immortal.  Selfie type homage is like building tomb for your self as it was done in some dynasties like KUTUBSHAHI. The Emperor would not trust his heir/s for the job and take the task upon himself. We can see number of unfinished or just started tombs of short lived Emperors.  We also have examples of our great politicians behaving in same fashion and have named some streets or gardens after them while still alive.

It is another matter that such self created homages or name plates or even tombs have expiry date sooner or later. Let the departed soul feel happy about becoming immortal through such measures. RIP.

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