Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today your blogger had a chnace to witness from close quarters something funny. Funny for your blogger but may not be so for some others. Beg pardon for that. The occasion was search carried out by income tax officials in a builder's office. Nothing ususual in that but your blogger had no such experience earlier. Expectation was for the tension and melodrama. Nothing of the sort happened. Even the department people appeared to be little ritualistic. People came blocked entry to the office, trapped the visitors (including me). Game of patience began. The builder arrived at his own free pace. Nobody seemed to mind as if it was every day routine afair. The rituals were so well orchestrated that it beagn with the Aarti of Saibaba carried out with fanfare ( you see thursday, day of baba). Fine lunch served and eventually the search began. Files opened, notes entered, people questioned. All at such a pace as if tommorow is not going to dawn. Your blogger decided to use the opportunity to write the long awaited article for SWABODHSAAR. A commentry on the 19th Abhang of Haripath by Sant Jnaeshwar. Usually it takes about 2 to 3 hours. Dificult part is to get continuous time for it. The search was a blessing in disguise in the sense that forced concentration ensured that. The mood started elevating as the article neared completion. Soon I declared my intention to leave since self undertaken task was complete. No problems with that. Only a statement department people wanted to record. They had some questions. I had some questions. I solicited some information which they eventually passed on. I had some academic talk to make. Surprisingly that too was well accepted by the department people. Soon I gathered impression that I was not recording a statement but rather attending a class of bright enthusiastic students. We had quite intersting session of wits. At the end I gave this bloglink to the lady officer in charge. I have told her of my intention to write about this experience and she is welcome to visit and comment.

Never knew search could also be a fun. Of course I wont ask them come again and again. It may give heart attack to the builder who happens to be my ANNADATA. I do not know what will be outcome of the search. But then that is another game in which both parties are too well knowledgible.


  1. Well , I will not comment much on Department as I m here only because of they are there lol , but yes I m happy to read ur experiance that you got spare time and fun during the search operation by the department , have a great funs ever lol
    Jignesh Thakkar
    Tax Consultant

  2. well, may i ask what you were doing there in the first place....

  3. I just happen to do some joy walking. Want to come with me ?