Sunday, February 21, 2010


Thay say the world is a dream, a projection of your Vrutti You recognize, learn and project because you have a blue print deeply embedded in your sanskaar. If you happen to see an object, the blue print is activated and brought to your senses and then you come to know what is object. The names of object may be different in different languages but the knowledge is same. The object does not have to be physical. It can be an idea or a thought also. If there is no blue print knowledge, identification etc. is not possible. What is real then ? the object or blue print ? Neither. They co-exist as long as they are under influence of ignorance or Avidya. Too subtle to comprehend ? Too boring to follow ? Forget it then.
Let us say world is dream and make beginning from there. Even for living through the dream called life meaningfully, one needs another dream. The pen name adopted by your blogger is also a dream. Dreams of hope that are wished to come true in future. ARMAN. Wish is in present tense and hopes in future tense. A wish without back up action is of course a dream in awake state. An action taken without hope or purpose again is like walking in a dream. Somnambulist. Then there are some act as if they are living in a dream. Refuse to accept reality, adversities and failures. Refuse to accept death of a near one and continue to believe that he or she is just gone into hiding. They too dream but in past tense. Thus we have a dream lived in all three type of times. Klatrayattetah.
We have come to full circle and endorsed that the life is dream beyond time and thereby eternal. Why not then be happy and dare to dream ? Date to dream is another name of dare to live.

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  1. I Agree with You 100% .. Dream , It's nto that you see while you are sleeping but , I mean it as it's a thing which can not let you sleep until you reach it , and I belive it's a dream.
    Jignesh Thakkar