Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lot of debate is going on as to which martyr/s saved Mumbai under terrorist attack on 26/11.
It is not enough that one has sacrificed life while on duty and saved many, his native place must also be favourable to quailfy for martyrdom. That is necessary to claim some kind of right and title to live in a particular city. Rahul Gandhi thinks they were Bihari ( because he was speaking from Bihar ). Therefore all North Indians in general and Biharis in particular are saviours of the city and must get right to live by this virtue. If Rahul Gandhi forgets Unnikrishnan and some others, Uddhav Thakre is quick enough to point out not Unnikrishnan but Martyr Tukaram Ombale to him. Forgetting Tukaram is insult to all Marathi people according to him. No mention of Unnikrishnan by him. How absurd and shameless politicians can become. Even Martyrdom has become a tool in the hands of politicians. That neither Rahul Gandhi nor Uddhav Thakre had nothing to do with and were no where near the scene of fight has no bearing. Too many politicians and of course so called intellectuals in equal numbers continue to give sermons from the midst of their respective caucuses after the fight is over. I am sure none of the martyrs were thinking of their respective state while laying down the lives. It was call of duty answered with fearless gallantry. But then that has been always the case. Those who speak do not fight and those who fight do not speak. Speech can make the war and fight can end the war. Therefore real leaders are not those who speak but those who act. If the the nation is safe it is due to these real leaders rather than Doon school like products. Politicians and intellectuals have hopelessly spoiled the spirit of Martyrdom.
It is also necessary to examine what qualifies to be Martyr. Martyr is defined as one who sacrifices his life for a cause and refuses conpromise to gain lease of life. By this definition not even Mahatma Gandhi will not qualify to be called as martyr. If Indira Gandhi is killed on her way to office she becomes martyr then why not hundreds of Mumbaikar who lost their life in Train Bomb Blasts ? Karkare, Kamte get higher awards than Ombale by the state owing to their higher posts. What is qualitative difference ? Is not equally insulting to Ombale than Rahul Gandhi forgetting him ? A murder or sabotage does not make martyr. It is living for a cause till the end that makes martyr. Common Indian knows the difference between one who lives for a cause and who speaks for political and personal gains. The hope is alive in that discerning wisdom of common man.

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  1. Great Thinking and I like to salute to you for wisdom
    Jignesh Thakkar