Monday, February 1, 2010


A famous channel has anounced modern swanywar of rather an infamous person. The fellow is neither eligible nor bachelor. Earlier a provocatiove dancer also had her swanyawar in full puiblc gaze. That she was in public glaze for many other not so noble reasons is another matter. Nothing wrong in these people aspiring for first, second or hundredth marriage. It is definately a personal matter. What is difficult to understand is public interest channel is banking on. In old days Prince/s would marry in swanyawar style. No matter if the prince has no teeth left in his mouth. After all prince is prince. Royal superior blood and superior human rights were all part of the game. Poor subject would flock the court to take a look and cheer the Regality and hope for food. " MISTANAM ITARE JANA " Some times royal blood would also flow through bodies of the offsprings of their cucumbines. One wonders if such blood is flowing through the bodies of modern princes and princesses now offering themselves for modern swanyawar/s. Same arrogance and of shame go to prove it. Present generation glued to the TV is no more liberated than the poor subject flocking to witness regal marriage. The channel will sure have its share of TRP and income through advertisements. The viewers will have some cheap entertainment. The participants will have their share of lime light. If everybody is happy them who are we to complain and cry for something people do not want. Democrasy is after all off the people, by the people and for the people. We not only get the government that we deserve but TV channels also that we deserve. Glory to them both and glory to us !

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  1. Normally today peoples are enjoying such Swayamwar withot even understanding that what this programme will affect his enxt generation I agree that this is not good for todays generation but todays generation is still in touch with past but after watching such programmes next generation ? what one can expect from them ? nothing or same thing ? and yes I agree with You 100% that this is mere business of earning good money and we fools are even enjoying his drama and watching it very happily without meaning that how much such drama could affect even to our femily
    hope for batter democrasy :Jignesh Thakkar