Sunday, February 7, 2010


Your blogger is a Lion. Long association of over 25 years. Had served as the highest level grass root Lion and lowest level officer of the association. Read as Past District Governor. That was good 12 years back. He is not gone into oblivion. Still gets invited, all though for only decorative purpose, on Lions platform. One such occasion happened today. There is strong urge to tell about it.

The function was an activity jointly organized by 2 clubs. Bhivandi & Shahpur. Both from the rural part of Lions district 323-A-2.Activity was the care for high risk pregnancy in tribal women.

The geographical area is predominantly tribal. The population is thin and spare. Tribal people traditionally live in small hamlets away from civilisation. At difficult or inaccessible locations. Medical and educational facilities are almost non-existent. Hygiene leaves much to be desired. Pregnancy occurs at comparative young age. Each factor individually is capable of pushing pregnant women into high risk category. What must be effect of all these factors together is not difficult to imagine. This the need of activity is established beyond any doubt.

The activity took place at Shahpur Gramin Rugnalya. ( Shahpur rural hospital ). Location is vital. Not far way from hamlets and right on national highway. Easy for all, tribals, lions and doctors. One must record here the role of rural health programme being implemented by the state. In spite of deep rooted cynicism amongst urban high brow citizenship , the programme has delivered good results.

The activity was well participated by local Lions ( some of them gynacs ), well supported by the staff and officers of the hospital and well responded by the patients. Your blogger does not wish to make this blog as typical Lionistic communication of I praise you, you praise me. Compliments to all concerned for a need based, off the track project.

Few things in defence of LIONISM. It may not be force of committed workers. Service here comes after family and profession. No problem if criticism comes from devoted and dedicated persons who give their life to a social cause. But that is usually not the case. Such people rarely criticize. Those who criticize do not even give lip service and therefore have no moral authority to condemn. TUKA MHANE FAAR, THODA TARI PAR UPKAAR says great Marathi saint Tukaram. Small sacrifice is better than no sacrifice. There lies the strength and limit of LIONISM. Still proud to be one.

Arvind M Khare

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  1. Before two to three years some one told me yaar Jignesh you should join Lions Club at that time I was thinking that why sould I do such activity which pays nothing at that time and even now I m such a person who is always thinking that why should I do spend my time on doing nothing infact I was not aware of any activity of Lions but I m now slowely realising that there is much more things which I missed in my life because to do for myself that even animals are doing but to do for others or to sacrifice for other even when you are not getting anything but yes one will feel 100% satisfection and it's the main thing in life nothing would be come with us when one will die will go with open hands only smell of our good work will be there ever even after our presence , so Thank You my Blogger for you to disclose your experiance which can give fuel to ligten even our life
    Jignesh Thakkar