Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Food, clothing & shelter are three basic human needs. Looked after individually and as community since the time of paleolithic man. Today attempt is to explore evolution of shelter through times.

Earliest example of shelter is of course caves. First nature made and then man made. In the mountains for security reason. Started at dawn of civilisation and continued. therefore not as primitive as one may think. Very elaborate also. The education, worship users also added. Ajanta & Ellora are classic examples. Apart from them are rare wall painted caves of primitive man.

Tools and weapons brought safety. Plains were prefered over mountains. No more aggregarian society but cultivating one. When families started being defined over commne living. But still people were able to construct houses as they wanted.

With heirarchy came need of different kind of houses. Simple technolgies gave way to complex technologies. Elaborate asthetics required visualisation and a tribe called Architect came into being. Maya demon is earliest known Arhitect. He produced a house which brought in war. Had Duryodhana not falled inpond, Draupadi would not have laughed at him. No insult no war. Exampleof how a good house can also bring ill luck.

to be continued.

Arvind M Khare


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  2. Dear sir,
    "Sources" is a book we all should read.
    this will tell you, how important the water is for our shelter.

    and right from the histroy of mankind, or history of architecture the water has played its part.

    Shabbir.S Architect