Monday, February 15, 2010


Bakery may be German but city is PUNE.
Terrorist attack on Pune is killing many birds with a single stone.
To begin with original Punaite is a community in itself.
Koregaonkars are aliens to original Punekars.
For them river bank is end of civilisation.
Beyond river is land of enemy camps of Nizam, Moghul, Britishes and now Rajanishwale with international community.
Time did not advance after Peshwa rule.
To their dismay Pune grew by leaps and bounds.
Nothing can be more flexible than boundary of Pune Municipal limit.
Fathers buy land on the outskirts and sons become Pune residents.
This tradition is going on for generations.
City of rulers, politicians, educationists, industrialists, administrators, societies, artists, sportsmen and of course paradise of retirees.
Too many dimensions but all more snobish than Parisians.
Attack here is attack on history and geography of art and culture at local, state, national or global level.
They did their job seriously, let us not do our part lightly.
( PUNE TETHE NAKO UNE ). Let nothing be amiss with Pune.


  1. It was very sad but our government is still speaking soft words with terrorist I can't understand why ? Passion is good but not that much when someone comes in our home and slaps us this is limit and not only government but we comon men also needs to take action becasue without support of locals no any terrorist can even think to enter in India, so first we needs to clear enemy within our country and public should come up when anybody see such suspecious activity and should complain to authority but normally when common men is knowing about that something is going to happen wrong then also they becomes silent I can't understand why ? infact we needs to be aware of it and have to fight against this thing and it's nto only a matter of Pune but for whole country and only we have to fight for batter tomoorrow .
    Jignesh Thakkar

  2. How true, but with the advent of globalisation, boundaries have become barrierless/vincible, culture have undergone fusion,and the good for some has become bad for others....coolabs