Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Very interesting story is carried by Times of India today. It tells how a baby was delivered to a couple of Americn husband, russian origin American Mother via surrogate Indian Mother. It tells about an agency "Surrogacyindia" helped the couple to find a CHEAP Indian Surrogate mother, How Indian laws and economics , ethics, are favourable for surrogacy and how adequate medical infrastructure is available to carry out surrogacy delivery. More interesting is how the Embryo took almost thee years to be BORN going through freezing, travelling through continents and overcoming ever adament beurocracy.
What a large canvass sread !
It has large motley of continental geography, synthesis of nationalities, economical compulasions of poverty, laws with famous loop holes, advanced medical science, endless debate of ethics and what not! It calls for both complimets and criticism. Frustration for being used as nation of poor and elation for break through scientific advancement. I am sure lot of debate is taking and going to take place.
But another thought is crossing my mind which is the purpose of this blog. REVERSE SURROGACY is taking place for quite some time involving brains. Ancient Indian Art, Culture has treasure of rich heritage. The embryoes are from Indian brains, deep frozen for centuries, cross the conitents to be brought back to life. It takes surrogate mothers like Maxmullar to deliver our own babies to us. Surrogacy is to be viewed as necessary evil after all natural options are exhausted. Can we say we have exhauted natural options ? What has happened to our own GURUKUL method to pass on arts like dance, music, trade skills in craftsmanship, medical knowledge of AYURVEDA and so on to next generation ? Probably killed by surrogate mothers like Lord Mecaule who cheated and delivered to us a British baby. We had our share of intellectuals calling the English & British as mother of all knowledge. We were swayed by the rulers and their culture. It took European intllectual surrogate mothers to deliver our culture back to our next generation Let us live aside feeble voices of few individuals fighting hopeless non political fight against rulers. Do we really want to depend on this surrogacy of thoughts and ideas ? We need not. After all pains of delivery makes motherhood all the more treaured. Let us carry and deliver our own babies.
Arvind M Khare
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  1. Why everybody can't think this way ?
    if they can then where our Nation can reach ?
    Just Imagine :Jignesh