Saturday, February 6, 2010


Very interesting project is reported in Marathi Daily LOKSATTA today. Many progressive states can learn from a small project carried out by state of Himachal Pradesh.
We know plastic as enemy of environment. We have heard of BAN on the use of plastic. We also know that plastic bags have not stopped being used in spite of laws and many awareness programmes. The programmes designed by Himachal Pradesh state is unique in the sense that it has made use of the habit in a pro-active way. The plastic was collected and recycled by mixing with road surfacing material. First it was done on experimental basis and then on large scale (138 Km) . Too many things were achieved by the programme.
1) The creation of labour oriented small entrepreneur ship by collecting used and thrown plastic. generating small income for poor scavengers. ( 138 MT)
2) The threat to environment is diminished.
3) The quality of the road making improved and cost saved between 35000 to 40000 per Km.
4) Participation of NGO's in a constructive programme.
The programme is fit for large scale repetition in not only Himachal Pradesh but all states though out the nation. Center is carrying out ambitious road building programme where it can be implimented on larger scale. Chief Minister Dhumal and Himachal pradesh state deserve big complimnets.

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  1. This is very good step taken by Himachal Govt. I think it will be implemented on larger scale by not only government but also by Non Govt. builders who are working on contract bases with govt which could help environment and even many innocent animals coz they r also suffering when a peopels throws wested food after covering in palstic and cows and many more animals eating it with palstic and it's very harmfull to them too , so really this project could have many many achivments .
    Jignesh Thakkar