Thursday, February 4, 2010


That the net has revolutionised world has to be accepted without contest. What is surprising is it's being nominated for 2010 Nobel peace prize.
Who will receive it ?
Its not a person, its not an institution. It is a system which has been established over years by continueous invention and improvisation. No doubt as important as invention of fire for cooking by prehistoric man or wheel for transport. It definitely has changed perspective of the world by redifining transfer of knowledge and vast reach of personal touch. In fact it has created an illusionary world of its own.
But credit for peace ? Where is direct connection between the NET and PEACE? The system dos not even appeal for peace. It cares only about laws and punishments rather than moralities and ethics. Quite on the contrary it has been abused by criminal minds. Entire new branch of Net Crime investigation is gift of net. Net has as little to do with peace as Mr. Nobel himself. It was obituory printed in hurry before his death that transformed Mr. Nobel. Who is writing obituory for NET ? Who is even predicting death for NET ? No one. Perahps indirectly it's contributing by making world a global villege. Better fraternity may lead to demolition of national, racial, cultural barriers. But its like bethroning an infant. That too an infant which is showing its angelic and devilish tendancies alike. Not very convincing to say the least.


  1. Nice thoughts of a nice person if somebody ask me to say something about Mr.Nobel then I must say sorry I don't know anything , but yes now I can say due to this blogger I came to realise such reality of Mr.Nobel and Nobel Prize too and I would like to say U Thak U for disclosing reality to the people like me who really doesn't know such things behind cover
    Thank You very much