Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday was Ekadashi day. This day is observed by a group devoting itself to either discourse or discussion or kirtan or bhajan etc. Through discourses and discussions we try to keep on the path of knowledge and through kirtan and bhajan we try to keep on he path of devotion.

The object are 1) self enlightenment through study of scriptures, 2)Music for purification of mind, 3) charity and service for the needy And 4) group for community betterment. It was founded in December 2007 on auspicious day of GEETA JAYANTI which falls on a Ekadashi. We have conducted 53 programmes so far on every Ekadashi.We have membership of 60 plus. We are about to create web site devoted for the group. Your blogger will anounce launching of the web site and strongly appeal you to visit it.

We have started a bi-monthly publication for private circulation amongst our members and sympathisers named as "SWABODHSAAR" . The first issue was launched at the begining of Shalivahan Shaka 1931. The last issue was the sixth one published a fortnoight ago. The next issue will mark second year of its publication. Your blogger edits and contributes by way of Articles. He is right now presenting two serial articles. One is devoted to HARIPATH a composition of 27 Abhanga of Sant Jnaneshwar and other is commentry on a prakaran granth by Adi Shankaracharya " ATMA-BODH " in poetry of OVI form.

Our last programme of yesterday was discourse by Shri Vishwas Sardeshpande on " SOHAM-TATWA = ATMA-TATVA " Union of individual soul with soul of totality. The learned speaker dealt with subject quoting liberally from every day life incidences and scritpures.

Our next programme is free eye check up camp on Mahshivratri ( 12th Feb). It is planned as part of fair being organised at Village MADH which is about 60 KM from Mumbai between Khadavali and Titwala stations on central railway near Kalyan junction. The villege has an ancient Shankar Mandir called as GANGA-GURJESHWAR MAHADEV MANDIR. Over 10,000 villagrers are expected to assemble. We thought this as excellent opportunity for service combined with devotion.

Please feel free to ask for more on the ID or cell given below.

Arvind M Khare

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  1. My Dear BloggerUncle you are really doing nobel work , by doing cherity and service to the needy and yes also by leading Samaj Towards nearer to God is batter thing but You said that Your Swabodh Satsang Seva PArivar is going to Organise a Programme for free eye check up Camp it's really nobel work and I strongly believe that this is the reason that's why everybody in the world says that no one can compare to India and Indians and we are proud of being a part of it and if I could help you out then please fel free to ask me ever all the best Uncle
    Jignesh Thakkar