Friday, February 5, 2010


Latest Gandhi visited Mumbai today like a crown prince.
If he knows his inheritance , long inning is in waiting.
If he looks and walks like his forefathers, long inning is in the waiting.
If he imitates them to pull croud, long inning is in the waiting.
If he mixes with croud, long inning is in waiting.
If he excels in pulling stunts, long inning is in the waiting,
If he is doing best of his apprenticeship,long inning is in the waiting.
If he has no hurry to become king, long inning is in the waiting.
He knows that nobody will and can do anything to stop from becoming king.
That king would be called Prime Minister is different matter.
That his lords will continue to be his elected sychophants is different matter.
And same lords will become corrupt regional dectators is different matter.
They in turn will propagate nepotism is different matter.
Different is Indian democracy because different are Indian citizens.
Long live crown prince so we can continue with our slumber.
Good sleep and sweat dreams. They don't cost anything and definitely no effort.
Oh poorest of the poor welcome and avail of this inheritance
It has come from generations of forefathers.

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  1. Just a year ago I was the person who was always thinking that this is the party which always just using his name "Gandhi" , but no then in last one year I can say that this is not mere using of name but even congress has Bright Leader like Rahul Gandhi and I am sure will carry our youth to batter directions infact he is doing suc things now by his act my best wishes are there always with "PrinceGandhi" and yes not last but the most would like to be thankfull to our blogger for his comments on Prince thank you once again keep writing : Jignesh Thakkar